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Product Details

Chemically Resistant

Clean with any Standard Infection Control Media

Made with FDA Approved Materials and tested with the following standard infection control sprays:

  • 3000ppm Bleach for 1hr
  • 0.75% Sporocidal Active Chlorine for 1hr
  • 6% Hydrogen Peroxide for 1hr
  • Amonium Chloride + Biguanide for 1hr
  •  70% Ethanol for 1hr

Drop Resistant

Protecting Your iPad

  • Resistant to accidental drops and falls
  • Protection from scuffs and scrapes
  • Grips surfaces to reduce sliding off equipment
  • Ensures iPad can be held securely

Water Resistant

For a Deep Clean

  • IP65 Rated (Can be sprayed at close range)
  • Internal Ceracon seal
  • Safe to run under a tap to clean it

Antimicrobial Glass Screen

Tough but Sensitive

  • Ultra thin sensitive glass shield
  • Antimicrobial protection embedded in the glass
  • Anti Shatter film
  • Flush, wipe-clean with any infection control wipe or swab

Working with you

Rear Grip Stand

Designed for your Workplace

  • Clamps onto any hand
  • Stands safely in Portrait or Landscape
  • Clamps onto most bed rails
  • Folds flat for typing

Toughened Glass Lens

Strong and Clear

  • Scratch resistant
  • Antimicrobial sandwich layer
  • Anti Shatter film
  • Protective housing
  • Oversize viewfinder

Through Case Charging

Power-up while you work

  • Charge without removing the case
  • Accepts all Apple lightning connectors
  • Accepts all Apple VDU Cables
  • Contains unique water tight seal

Kensington Lock

Safety in Busy Places

  • Accepts all standard Kensington Locks
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • Quickly protect your FlipPad from theft
  • Secure your case quickly and easily
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