Always clean and clear

Wipe Clean Design

Seamless design and precision manufacture allow minimal crevices and a single-wipe cleaning motion.

Chemical resistance

Built to resist all harsh cleaning chemicals, the FlipPads materials will not be degraded by repeated cleaning.

Antimicrobial Screen

A clean, tough cover glass made possible by embedded ionic silver with antimicrobial performance.

Always in position.

Rear Grip Stand

The Rear Grip Stand keeps the FlipPad in position, on your desk, the end of a bed or in your hand.

Use with surgical gloves

The glass screen allows smooth, sensitive ipad control even when wearing surgical gloves in clinical environments.

Ready for Anything

Water Resistance

Rated to IP64, the FlipPad will protect the iPad throughout sustained spraying with water or other liquids.

Drop Resistant

The 3mm thick rubber corners and internal retention mechanism absorb the shock from drops and knocks.

Never dull or faded.


The Corning Gorilla Glass allows a deeper layer of chemical strengthening, making it damage resistant.

Tough Glass Screen

Greater damage resistance means the screen can survive far stronger impacts than other glass screens.

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