FutureNova Introduces The FlipPad to UK

  FlipPad Boxed FutureNovaThe FlipPad™ is a new medical grade ruggedized case for the Pad 4 and the new iPad Air. Its is designed to pass tough standards on waterproofing and shock protection. In addition, the whole shape of the FlipPad is easy to clean with standard infection control sprays. The FlipPad™ will be available in with a LasarPen™ which is also waterproof and made of the same durable material.

The FlipPad™ started deployment to the first 6 NHS Pilot Sites in 2012. We completed the changes to design in 2013 and included support for the new iPad Air. The FlipPad is made from FDA approved materials and a new anti-microbial glass screen. We upgraded the sensitivity to allow surgeons gloves to be used with the FlipPad.  

FlipPad_On_Bedrail_NHSOur intention is to supply the FlipPad to operating theatres in the UK although we expect the FlipPad to be used in NHS Infection control wards and general wards.
One of the new features is the ability to hang the FlipPad on a hospital bedrail. This is part of the NHS Safer Wards, Safer Hospitals Programme launched by NHS England in 2014.