Protecting Nursing Homes with Medical Grade Cases

In the fast-paced environment of nursing homes, efficient communication and accurate record-keeping are crucial for providing quality care.

Our medical-grade iPad cases, specifically designed for nursing home settings, meet stringent standards for use in critical environments, ensuring durability and reliability even in high infection control areas.

Made from FDA-approved, high-grade materials, our cases are resistant to harsh chemicals, creating peace of mind for infection control protocols in nursing home settings, and offer a robust solution to enhance daily operations.

One of the primary concerns in nursing homes is maintaining cleanliness and preventing the spread of infections. Our iPad cases are engineered to withstand rigorous cleaning protocols, compatible with a wide range of disinfectants including sprays, wipes, and bleach. Our cases ensure that iPads remain protected from damage and contamination, allowing for seamless integration of technology into daily workflows.

With no degradation even after repeated exposure to cleaning solutions, our cases provide peace of mind for infection control measures in nursing home facilities, promoting a safer environment for residents and staff. By integrating iPads into daily operations, nursing homes can streamline tasks, improve communication among staff, and enhance resident care.

Our Vision

Mike Casey

“The obvious application is with a mobile infection control team who audit the effectiveness of the cleaning regime. Moving between rooms and disinfecting the iBioShield case, at regular points throughout the day.

We are also looking beyond clinical care with the device being used by the patient. They can take advantage of the handle to place it on a bed table so their elderly relatives can use it easily to Skype the family at home.”

Explore Our Range


Slimline profile, suited for mounting, docking and mobile device management. Option to customise the case with your branding, and embed a hidden RFID tag for device tracking.


Rotary handle kickstand suited for patient entertainment, clamps to bed rails or user’s hands. Grips any surface in portrait or landscape, and folds flat for typing. Handle rotates seamlessly around 360 degrees.


Inductive charging via our smart adaptor for infection control, customisable brand and backwards compatible up to the iPhone 6.

Perfect touch sensitivity with surgical gloves

Resistant to harsh infection control chemicals

Lightweight and compact design

Medical-grade, FDA approved materials

Military grade drop tested

Easy to clean and sterilisation compatible