Why use iPad and iPhone Cases in Pharma?

In the pharmaceutical industry, maintaining stringent hygiene standards is essential to ensure product quality and safety. Our medical-grade cases offer unparalleled protection for devices used in pharmaceutical settings, including manufacturing facilities and vaccine fill lines.

With FDA-approved materials and resistance to harsh chemicals, our cases provide a reliable barrier against contamination, safeguarding critical data and processes.

Tested against military drop standards, our cases ensure that iPads remain secure even in the most demanding pharmaceutical environments, offering peace of mind to professionals working in drug development, production, and quality control.

Our iPad cases boast compatibility with a wide range of disinfectants, including sporicidal sprays, wipes, and bleach (such as Clorox, Clinell, SporKlenz and CaviCide).

With no compromise in device safety or degradation, our cases adhere to the strictest infection control protocols, offering full device encasement with sealed ports to prevent contamination.

Lightweight, ergonomic, and super slim, our cases are ideally suited for easy docking and mounting in pharmaceutical settings, ensuring that your devices remain secure and accessible even in the most demanding environments.

Medical Grade Cases for Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms demand uncompromising cleanliness to prevent contamination and ensure product integrity. Our medical-grade iPad cases are specifically engineered to meet the strict requirements of cleanroom environments, providing robust protection for iPads used in critical operations.

With chemically resistant materials and full device encasement, our cases withstand rigorous disinfection protocols without compromising device functionality.

Lightweight and ergonomic, our cases are designed for easy handling and mounting, allowing professionals in cleanroom facilities to access vital information with confidence while maintaining a sterile environment.

Laboratory Grade Protection

Laboratories play a crucial role in scientific research, requiring equipment that can withstand the demands of experimentation and analysis. Our medical-grade iPad cases offer superior protection for devices used in laboratory settings, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

Our cases provide a secure barrier against contamination, safeguarding sensitive research data and experimental results. Our cases offer peace of mind to scientists and researchers, ensuring that devices always remain functional and secure in the lab.

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Slimline profile, suited for mounting, docking and mobile device management. Option to customise the case with your branding, and embed a hidden RFID tag for device tracking.


Rotary handle kickstand suited for patient entertainment, clamps to bed rails or user’s hands. Grips any surface in portrait or landscape, and folds flat for typing. Handle rotates seamlessly around 360 degrees.


Inductive charging via our smart adaptor for infection control, customisable brand and backwards compatible up to the iPhone 6.

Perfect touch sensitivity with surgical gloves

Resistant to harsh infection control chemicals

Lightweight and compact design

Medical-grade, FDA approved materials

Military grade drop tested

Easy to clean and sterilisation compatible

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