Revolutionising Dental Care with Our Medical Grade iPad Cases

In the dynamic dental industry, iPads have become indispensable tools, seamlessly integrating into all areas of a dentist’s workflow. From chairside consultations to treatment planning and patient education, iPads offer versatility and convenience. Dentists rely on iPads to showcase treatment options, display digital imaging such as x-rays, and educate patients on oral hygiene practices.

With the ongoing emphasis on patient safety and infection control, the importance of using medical-grade iPad cases cannot be overstated. By safeguarding these vital communication tools against harmful pathogens and ensuring thorough disinfection protocols, dentists can uphold the highest standards of patient safety while delivering exceptional care.

FutureNova are revolutionising infection control in dentistry with our medical-grade iPad cases. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, our cases are crafted from FDA approved materials, that can withstand rigorous cleaning with medically rated chemical cleaners without degradation.

They are also compatible with comprehensive sterilisation techniques such as autoclaving and UV ovens, ensuring a hygienic environment for both dental professionals and patients.

Our case profiles are meticulously engineered to minimise potential bacteria harbouring areas, such as component joints and cavities, while maximising ease of cleaning with simple curved profiles.

With full device encasement and Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass provided by Corning Inc., our cases provide unparalleled protection against bacteria transmission, with Corning stating that as much as 30% of screen bacteria can be transmitted to fingertips from standard mobile device usage.

Our cases are chemical, drop, and vibration resistant, providing a complete solution to the demanding criteria of dental professionals.

Whether you’re educating patients on oral healthcare, diagnosing dental conditions, or managing budgets and equipment stocks, our cases ensure you can focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional dental care.

Case Study

Discover how FutureNova transformed the workflow at City Bridge Dental in Bristol with our FlipPad, a medical-grade iPad case designed for 9.7″ iPads. With their newly installed digital X-ray unit, the team seamlessly integrated our FlipPad, enhancing efficiency and patient care. By securely housing their iPad in our FlipPad, City Bridge Dental ensured protection against harmful pathogens while maximising the functionality of their digital X-ray system.

See the difference for yourself with images showcasing our FlipPad in action at City Bridge Dental, where innovation meets excellence in dental care.

Explore Our Range


Slimline profile, suited for mounting, docking and mobile device management. Option to customise the case with your branding, and embed a hidden RFID tag for device tracking.


Rotary handle kickstand suited for patient entertainment, clamps to bed rails or user’s hands. Grips any surface in portrait or landscape, and folds flat for typing. Handle rotates seamlessly around 360 degrees.


Inductive charging via our smart adaptor for infection control, customisable brand and backwards compatible up to the iPhone 6.