The FlipPad Stars in new Fox Medical drama 'The Resident'.

See The FlipPad on The Resident

Patented Rear Handle

In this scene Emily VanCamp is using the FlipPad Standard’s patented rear handle to present the screen in portrait orientation. This coupled with the rubber corners creates unparalleled usability and allows web browsing and viewing medical records in their original format, key for fluid work-flow at any nurse’s station.

0.9' (21mm) Slim Design

In this scene four FlipPad Slimline + Secures are ready to go in a desk-top charging dock. This leaves them easy to grab at short notice and always fully charged when needed. Built slim whilst retaining the chemical and drop resistance common to all FlipPads, the Slimline + Secure is great for use with standard bedside mounts or simply slipping into your travel luggage.

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FlipPad FPS00118GBR

Easy to install and simple to use, use the FlipPad where it is needed most.

FlipPad SlimLine

At only 23mm (0.9”) the Slimline fits into most charge docks and hand luggage.

FlipPad Secure

Security bolts allow secure iPad tethering via an integrated Kensington Lock.