Our Medical Grade iPad Case

Our Medical Grade iPad Case uses FDA approved, high grade materials. We set the standard for devices used in critical environments and high infection control areas, across healthcare, pharmaceutical and med-tech environments.

Our case is compatible with any disinfectant spray, wipe or bleach, keeping your device safe without degradation. To date, we have been presented with no cleaning solution that our cases cannot endure. We adhere to the strictest infection control protocols, manufacturing with chemically resistant materials, and offering full device encasement with sealed ports.

Lightweight, ergonomic and super slim, suited for easy docking and mounting. Tested rigorously against military drop standards, our case ensures your device remains secure even in the most demanding settings, like operating rooms and clean rooms.

Product Overview

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Medical Grade – FDA approved for operating theatres, Makrolon body provides robust protection.

Chemical Resistant – Withstands harsh infection control cleaners, without damage to the iPad.

Bump Protection – Military drop tested, TPE Overmould adds impact resistance & grip.

Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass – Shatterproof, armoured screen, with full sensitivity using surgical gloves.

Clear Camera Glass – Unobscured vision through front & rear cameras, for barcode scanning & patient imaging.

Charge & Sync – Via Apple Lightning port, for multi-charging and mobile device management.

Textured Home Button – Easy to press and locate, even with surgical gloves.

6x Secure Latches – Hold the iPad securely in place and allow for simple installation with no screws.

Product Features

Medical Grade iPad Case - Everyday Use

Built For Everyday Use

Our Medical Grade iPad Cases are designed for use in hospital environments and high infection control areas, like clean rooms and operating theatres. Designed to be slim, lightweight and clear for communication, it is ideal for healthcare clinicians, pharma and med-tech.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Tough Antimicrobial Glass

Tough Antimicrobial Glass

Our specially-treated, armoured glass screen to provide complete device encasement. It is antimicrobial, shatter-proof, compatible with UV sterilisation, and resistant to any standard infection control chemical cleaners. Tough enough to protect the iPad from scratches, designed to withstand a military drop test.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Ultra Sensitive Screen

Ultra-Sensitive Screen

Our screen remains ultra-sensitive, even when used by clinicians wearing surgical gloves in high infection control areas. Allows seamless use of clinical platforms such as Epic MyChart™. The case allows all natural gestures on the iPad, including pinch zoom and scrolling.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistant

All external materials of the iBioShield medical cases are chemically resistant and FDA approved for use in operating theatres. The case can withstand disinfection with high concentration bleach or wipes, such as Clinell, enabling the case to be used in chemotherapy treatment rooms, vaccine plants and sterile labs.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Easy to Assemble

Easy To Assemble

Easily install your iPad in the iBioShield 10X case using the 6 latches, no screws required. A simple set-up makes it perfect for use in clinical and medial environments. If the glass breaks, the anti-shatter film holds it in one piece, keeping the operator safe. Simply replace the top half, not the entire case, to return to full functionality.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Branding

Brand Your Case

Customise the case with your hospital’s logo. An additional RFID tag can be hidden in the back of the case, using our patented system. This allows the case to be set up for asset tracking or check-in. Prevent device theft by removing reliance on the iPad power for tracking. This can be provided as a custom service on enquiry.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Lightning Passthrough

Lightning Port Door

Our simple sliding mechanism allows for easy access to the lightning port when open, and seals when closed. This gives the ability to charge the iPad whilst in the case, using a standard Apple Lightning Cable.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Entertainment


Lightning passthrough enables wired headphones to be connected to the iPad for patient entertainment. Connect any Lightning Headphones or the Lightning to 3.5mm Jack Adapter, to listen to music, movies or FaceTime.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Cleaning - Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Our medical grade iPad case solution is designed to withstand cleaning by light water sprays and alcohol based chemicals, without risk of liquids damaging the iPad or internal content. Suitable for use with SporKlenz™, Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide and Clinell™ wipes.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Clear Camera Quality

Crystal Clear Camera

The clear camera glass on the rear of the case provides complete optical clarity and enables auto-focus capability on the iPad. Suitable for patient imaging and barcode scanning, for applications in inventory warehouse and pharmacy. It is armoured and scratch-proof, optimised to work with the Scandit and the Epic Rover™ apps.

Fits Perfectly With

Medical Grade iPad Case - Parotec & Ground Control

Docking & MDM Software

Our Medical Grade iPad Case is designed to fit the Parotec DL10 Multicharger and Datamation UniDock Tray-16T for charging and provisioning of Apple devices. Full integration with MDM (Mobile Device Management) software, giving technicians the ability to image their iPads (accessory not included).

Medical Grade iPad Case - Ergotron Mount

Ergorton Mount

The iBioShield 10X Case is compatible with the Ergotron gantry mount. Lock your case in any secure mount, and unlock if the case needs to be cleaned. Ideal for patient bed mounting and security in public areas (accessory not included).

View our recommended model on Ergotron’s site.

Medical Grade iPad Case - Secure Kensington Lock

Secure Kensington Lock

Secure the iBioShield 10X case with the integrated Kensington™ lock feature. A stainless steel internal plate within the case makes it compatible with all standard Kensington™ locking cables (accessory not included).

Bretford Powersync Pro

Our Medical Grade iPad case is compatible with the Bretford Powersync Pro for mobile device provisioning. The solution is zero-touch, simplifying iPad charging and management of large device fleets. Organisations have more control over their devices by combining with software such as Apple Provisioning Utility.


9th Gen iPad 10.2"

Year introduced: 2021

A2602, A2604, A2603, A2605

Capacity: 64, 256GB

8th Gen iPad 10.2"

Year introduced: 2020

A2270, A2428, A2429, A2430

Capacity: 32, 128GB

7th Gen iPad 10.2"

Year introduced: 2019

A2197, A2200, A2198

Capacity: 32, 128GB

Technical Specification

Dimensions: 11.2” (L) x 7.8” (W) x 0.75” (D) / 285mm x 200mm x 19mm.
Weight: Under 21oz / 600g without an iPad®.
Material Approvals: All external materials are chemically resistant and can be disinfected with high concentration bleach.
Armoured Glass Screen: Our glass offers ultra-sensitive touch display, working with surgical gloves and the Apple Pencil®. The glass is tough and scratch resistant, protecting your device.
Water Resistant: The iBioShield™ 10X Medical Grade iPad Case can sustain being cleaned by sprays and wipes, without risk of liquids damaging the iPad® or internal content.
Scratch Resistant: Our armoured glass has 2x better damage resistance to daily scratches and accidental damage than competitor glass, and much greater resistance than competitor plastic screens. Our screen remains brilliantly clear, where plastic marks and fades, leaving the iPad® obscured.
Screen Sensitivity: Screen sensitivity remains high, even when used with surgical gloves.
Secure Kensington™ Lock: Lock your iBioShield™ 10X Case to an immovable object with the integrated 316 Stainless Steel Kensington Lock. Fits all standard Kensington branded locks.
Connectivity: No loss of 4G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.
Charge and Sync: Charge and sync via standard Apple Lightning Cable, for safe bank charging with mobile device management compatibility.
Camera Lens: Our glass lens maintains brilliant, clear, unobscured vision from both front and rear cameras.
Easy Assembly: 2 part case design with 6 secure latches, to have you protected within minutes.

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