Protect Against Covid-19 and Infectious Diseases

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the hospital market. Research suggests that up to 85% of clinicians in the US are using either the iPad or iPhone in acute patient care, and this percentage is increasing as a result of the pandemic (due to a push towards telehealth and virtual patient-family communication).

This move to mobilising healthcare has become irreversible – in the first three months of 2020, all US hospitals went through a crash deployment program to roll out telehealth and mobile health infrastructure, involving huge upgrades to hospital networks.

StemExpress Medical Assistants reviewing patient consent information during a COVID-19 drive through testing event early May 2020

To tackle COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, it is vital to maintain strict hygiene standards in the hospital environment.

Our medical-grade iPad and iPhone cases are specifically designed to meet the strict demands of infection control in healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics and testing facilities.

With FDA-approved materials and stringent manufacturing protocols, our cases provide a robust defence against contamination, setting the standard for device protection in critical environments.

Our iPad and iPhone cases offer unparalleled compatibility with a wide range of disinfectants, including sprays, wipes, and bleach, ensuring thorough cleaning without compromising device integrity.

Tested rigorously against military drop standards, our cases provide reliable protection for devices used in high-risk environments, such as operating rooms and clean rooms.

Lightweight, ergonomic, and slim, our cases are easy to handle and mount, offering peace of mind to healthcare professionals working tirelessly to combat infectious diseases like COVID-19.

StemExpress Medical Assistant in PPE Holding Medical Grade iPad Case and Apple Pencil

Case Study

FutureNova supported Holy Name Medical Center, New Jersey, to provide a safe method of patient communication for those recovering from Covid-19. In the peak of the pandemic, the site was admitting a new patient every 10 minutes, with up to 250 hospitalised on any given day.

A news article published to NBC sees the progression of Ed Pierce’s recovery from a month-long coma in the ICU. Our medical-grade iPad case can be seen in use from 2.13, where Ed was able to FaceTime his family for the first time since waking up from a coma.

Case Study

FutureNova supported StemExpress, based in California, within their Covid laboratories and drive-in testing sites. The StemExpress Lab team used the FlipPad to process daily forms, used in conjunction with the isolations performed. Using our FlipPad in this environment allowed their team to move away from paper forms and utilise the iPad in a sterile environment. The FlipPad can be sterilised after each use, and the documentation process is sped up and digitalised.

Just like many other businesses, StemExpress had to shift some of its focus due to the pandemic. In April, they began working on developing a program, allowing them to provide drive-in Covid tests for businesses, as well as the general population, in their area and abroad. They used our FlipPads to process the paperwork that comes with each person, this must be entered into their system before they can receive a COVID test.

StemExpress Medical Assistant utilizing a tablet to consent a patient during a COVID-19 drive through testing event early May 2020
StemExpress Medical Assistant placing a label onto a patient's test sample during a COVID-19 drive through testing event early May 2020

Explore Our Range


Slimline profile, suited for mounting, docking and mobile device management. Option to customise the case with your branding, and embed a hidden RFID tag for device tracking.


Rotary handle kickstand suited for patient entertainment, clamps to bed rails or user’s hands. Grips any surface in portrait or landscape, and folds flat for typing. Handle rotates seamlessly around 360 degrees.


Inductive charging via our smart adaptor for infection control, customisable brand and backwards compatible up to the iPhone 6.

Perfect touch sensitivity with surgical gloves

Resistant to harsh infection control chemicals

Lightweight and compact design

Medical-grade, FDA approved materials

Military grade drop tested

Easy to clean and sterilisation compatible

FutureNova cases follow a consistent design language, built upon the importance of infection control.

‘Medical grade’ materials are able to be cleaned with all medically rated chemical cleaners without causing product degradation. We targeted a product composition that was also compliant with more comprehensive sterilisation techniques i.e. autoclave, UV oven, etc.

Our case profiles are designed to minimise the potential to harbour bacteria (component joints and cavities) and optimise everyday cleaning procedures (simple curved profile).

iBioShield 10X for iPad - Slimline and Rotary Medical Grade iPad Cases
iBioShield for iPhone - Medical Grade Cases for Infection Control

Our cases provide full device encasement, made possible with an Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass provided by Corning Inc., and a military strength 3M gasket.

Corning state that as much as 30% of screen bacteria can be transmitted to fingertips from standard mobile device usage – for this reason we choose to embed our glass with a specialist compound for prolonged antimicrobial affectivity.

Our cases are also chemical, drop and vibration resistant. No competitor on the market offer a complete solution to these criteria.