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Product Overview

Product Features

Built For Everyday Use

The iBioShield Case for iPhone 8 is lightweight and is super slim. Ideal for nurses who do not want to carry bulky equipment between patients. The case weighs less than 3 ounces or 70 grams and could easily fit in a shirt pocket.

Backward Compatible

Hospitals also have older iPhones like the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6. They want to extend the life of these phones by protecting them with the iBioShield case.

Armoured Glass Screen

The iBioShield Case for iPhone 8 uses specially treated armoured glass screen. It is scratch proof and is compatible with UV sterilisation, this includes any standard infection control chemicals used to clean it.

Water & Chemical Resistant

The medical grade case for the iPhone 8 uses high grade materials and plastics that are FDA approved for use in operating rooms. This is essential if the iBioShield case is used in high infection control areas. An example is chemotherapy treatment rooms where infection control is paramount. Your infection control teams need to clean the case with sprays and chemical wipes and the medical grade case for iPhone 8 will withstand the harshest chemicals.

Ultra-Sensitive Screen

Nurses need the ability to type into messaging platforms like Voalte™ and Epic Haiku™ without error. The iBioshield case for iPhone 8 has a super sensitive screen that will respond to all the normal gestures like pinch zoom and scroll. It works with Apple Pencil and digital pens designed for the iPhone.

Crystal Clear Camera

The clear camera glass on the back of the case provides total clarity and all the usual auto focus capability of the iPhone works with this case. It is armoured and scratch proof. The glass is optimised to work with Scandit bar code apps and the Epic Rover™ apps which are typically used by nurses to scan patient wrist bands and blood bags. Optional app upgrades allow pharmacy drug scanning.

Easy Assembly

The iBioShield Medical grade case for the iPhone 8 can be assembled by the nurse with no special tools required. Just load in the iPhone and fit the back of the case.

Easy To Replace Glass

If the front armoured screen is broken a safety film holds any shards of glass in place for operator safety. The entire front screen can be discarded and a new front screen fitted. (Appropriate safety gloves are recommended when removing the old broken screen) Once the screen has been replaced the entire case is usable again. We recommend hospitals buy a few spare front screens for this purpose.

Add Your Own Brand

The iBioShield medical grade case for the iPhone 8 has a branding feature on the back of the case. Hospitals can create their own brand or logo that will fit in the poker disc on the back of the case. If hospitals want to track the case using RFID, then a thin RFID wafer film disc can be added. Other optional features like asset tagging can be included.

Product Add-Ons

UniDock & Ground Control

Using a special smartconnector adapter hospitals can multi-charge their iPhones. They can optionally charge and sync up to 16 iPhones in these multi-chargers. Using proprietary Ground Control Software all these iPhones can be imaged at once. Meaning much faster deployment to hospital departments.

iPhone Smart Adaptor

Converts Apple lightning head to an 8-pin pogo port for charging.

Technical Specification

Dimensions:L = 157mm / 6.2”
W= 78mm / 3.1”
D = 10.5mm / 0.4”
Compatibility:Apple iPhone 8 (2017), 7 (2016), 6s (2015) and 6 (2014)
Weight:70g without an iPhone (approx. 2.5oz).
Materials:All external materials are chemical resistant and can be disinfected with high concentration bleach.
Armoured Glass Screen:Our glass offers ultra-sensitive touch display, working with surgical gloves and the Apple Pencil. The glass is tough and scratch resistant, adding that extra protection for your device.
Water Resistant:The iPhone can sustain being cleaned by sprays and wipes without risk of liquids damaging the iPhone’s content.
Scratch Resistant:Our armoured glass has up to 2x better damage resistance than competitor glass and many times more resistance than competitor plastic screens to daily scratches and accidental damage from keys or equipment. Screen remains brilliantly clear long after plastic screens mark and fade leaving iPhone screen obscured and unusable.
Screen Sensitivity:Screen sensitivity remains high, even when used with surgical gloves.
Connectivity:No loss of 4G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.
8-Pin Charging:8-Pin lightning port replicator allows for simple, safe bank charging with Ground Control compatibility.
Camera Lens:Our glass lens maintains brilliant, clear, unobscured vision from both front and rear cameras.