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Safe for patients

Patients want to use an iPad to browse the web and stay in contact via social media. They want to Skype their friends and relations and talk on FaceTime. Above all, they want to stay connected. The FlipPad is a medical grade case for the iPad 2017 that works with the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro 9.7



Reduce infection rates

Your infection control team will be reassured that the FlipPad can be cleaned with harsh infection control sprays and wipes. It is the only medical grade iPad case that supports cleaning with high concentration bleach and sporicidal sprays.


FlipPad works with surgical gloves

Wipe Clean Design

Seamless design and precision manufacture allow minimal crevices and a single-wipe cleaning motion.

Chemical resistance

Built to resist all harsh cleaning chemicals, the FlipPads materials will not be degraded by repeated cleaning.

Antimicrobial Screen

A clean, tough cover glass made possible by embedded ionic silver with antimicrobial performance.

Medical stand for your iPad

Unique Rotary Stand

The unique rotary stand on the FlipPad can be rested at any angle. If you want to watch movies on an iPad in hospital, you need a way to adjust the screen angle. Whether you are lying in bed or sitting up. The rear stand can be flexed to accommodate your viewing angle.


Crystal clear glass screen.

The armoured glass screen produces crystal clear video images when using FaceTime or Skype with your iPad in hospital. We use patented antimicrobial glass to support the infection control policies of the most advanced hospitals. All wrapped up in a technology we call iBioShield ™


See what surgeons are saying about the FlipPad

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The features make it practical and ergonomic for daily use, something the FlipPad has proven to us during our two weeks in the hospital.

– Michael Ostrovsky, M.D.
Managing Editor

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Product Range

FlipPad FPS00118GBR

Easy to install and simple to use, use the FlipPad where it is needed most.

FlipPad SlimLine

At only 23mm (0.9”) the Slimline fits into most charge docks and hand luggage.

FlipPad Secure

Security bolts allow secure iPad tethering via an integrated Kensington Lock.

Key features at a glance

  • Armoured glass screen
  • works with surgical gloves
  • easy access to iPad lightning port
  • works with iPad 2017 , iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Air 2
  • Bring your own iPad to Hospital

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Key Infection Control Features

  • Antimicrobial armoured glass screen
  • FDA certified medical grade
  • The FlipPad can sustain being cleaned by standard infection control sprays and wipes without risk of liquids damaging the FlipPad’s contents
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