Smart Adapter

Our Smart Adapters offer a reliable, infection control solution for charging the iBioShield product range. The Smart Charging Adapter transmits power from a standard Apple Lighting cable, via our bespoke 8-pin inductive connector, to the Apple device. Both Smart Adapters for our iBioShield 10X for iPad and iBioShield Slimline for iPhone cases are compatible with a range of multi-unit charge and sync docking solutions, supporting full product functionality, including ground control. The Smart Adapter for the iBioShield Slimline iPhone Case features a strong, polarised magnetic connection with the case, further enhancing this consistent and convenient charging solution in any usage scenario.

The Smart Adapter offers a quick, durable charging solution, without requiring forced insertion; saving the user time spent fumbling with cables. The integrated 8-pin connector removes the need for an open lightning port cavity in the iBioShield cases, which are potential ingress points where water, chemicals or bacteria can harbour. Therefore, allowing our cases to offer full device encasement, to suit strict infection control protocols.

Which Device?

8th Gen Charging Options - Cropped

iBioShield 10X for iPad

The 10X Smart Adapter, converts the apple lightning head to an 8-pin pogo port for charging. The profile is designed to match the bottom of the 10X case allowing for easy alignment, and the lightning cable can remain in place on the Smart Adapter making it simpler and safer to charge your devices. The Smart Adapter can be mounted in Mutli-Unit Docks keeping compatibility with your existing charging solutions.

iBioShield for iPhone

The iPhone Smart Adapter, converts the apple lightning head to an 8-pin pogo port for charging. This Smart Adapter is formed to match the bottom of the iBioShield for iPhone case, and utilises magnets for easy alignment, which snaps the Smart Charging Adapter in place, preventing it from being placed in the wrong orientation. The iPhone Smart Adapter can also be used in Mutli-Unit Docks for simpler and safer charging.