Product Overview

Product Features

Rotary Bedside Using Epic MyChart 2

Built for Everyday Use

The iBioShield 10X Rotary offers a medical iPad handle, designed for use in hospital environments and high infection control areas. Comfortable in all scenarios, lightweight and clear for communication. Ideal for patient entertainment & clinicians.

Tough Antimicrobial Glass

The iBioShield 10X Rotary Case is designed to withstand a military drop test. Tough, armoured glass enforced with anti-shatter film, provides complete device encasement. Protecting the iPad from damage, scratches and contamination.

Ultra-Sensitive Screen

Our screen remains highly sensitive, even when used by clinicians wearing surgical gloves, needed in high infection control areas. All natural gestures on the iPad can be accessed, including pinch zoom, scroll, and complete keyboard functionality.

Chemical Resistant

All external materials of the iBioShield 10X Case are chemically resistant and FDA approved for use in operating theatres. Allowing the case to withstand disinfection with high concentration bleach or infection control wipes, such as Clinell.

Medical iPad Handle

The medical iPad handle offers 360° rotational adjustability and over 180° of hinge movement. Providing ease and accuracy when proping up the case, either in portrait, landscape or when folding the handle flat for typing.

Ease of Use

The case keeps full functionality of the home, volume and power buttons. With a the slim design and flexible handle, the case is built for all scenarios. Such as being clamped onto bed rails or simply secured to the users hand.

Lightning Port Door

Our simple sliding mechanism allows for easy access to the lightning port when open, and forms a tight seal when closed. This gives the ability to charge the iPad whilst in the case using a standard Apple Lightning Cable.


Lightning passthrough enables wired headphones to be connected to the iPad for patient entertainment; films, music and facetime. Compatible with 3.5mm headphone to Lightning adpater.

Water Resistant

The iBioShield 10X Case is designed to withstand cleaning by light water sprays and alcohol based chemicals, without risk of liquids damaging the iPad or internal content.

Crystal Clear Camera

The clear camera glass on the rear of the case provides complete optical clarity and enables auto-focus capability on the iPad. It is armoured and scratch-proof, optimised to work with the Scandit and the Epic Rover™ apps.

Easy To Assemble

Using the secure latches, it is quick to install your iPad in the iBioShield 10X Rotary Case. If the glass is damaged, simply replace the top half via our screen replacement service, rather than the entire case.

Digital Consent

Works seamlessly with the Apple Pencil, allowing patients to upload consent to a digital database before procedures.

Fits Perfectly With

Smart Adapter

Our bespoke, through-case, inductive charging, converts an Apple lightning head to an 8-pin pogo port. Designed for quick and easy alignment, compatible with multidock solutions for simple charging. (Accessory not included).

Secure Kensington Lock

Secure the iBioShield 10X Rotary case with the integrated Kensington™ lock feature. An internal stainless-steel plate within the case makes it compatible with all standard Kensington™ locking cables. (Accessory not included).

Parotec & Ground Control

The iBioShield 10X Rotary case is designed to fit the same Parotec DL10 Multicharger, as the slimline varient. The multicharger has charge and sync capabilities, through Ground Control. The medical iPad Handle does not interfere with the dock. (Accessory not included).


Technical Specification


11.2” (L) x 7.8” (W) x 0.75” (D) / 285mm x 200mm x 19mm (including handle, depth is 2.6” / 67mm).


Under 25oz / 700g without an iPad®

Rotary Handle:

Medical iPad Handle rotates seamlessly and angles accurately around 360° grips any surface in portrait or landscape, and folds flat for typing. Can be clamped onto bed rails or hands.

Material Approvals:

All external materials are chemically resistant and can be disinfected with high concentration bleach.

Armoured Glass Screen:

Our glass offers ultra-sensitive touch display, working with surgical gloves and the Apple Pencil®. The glass is tough and scratch resistant, protecting your device.

Water Resistant:

The iBioShield™ 10X Case can sustain being cleaned by sprays and wipes, without risk of liquids damaging the iPad® or internal content.

Scratch Resistant:

Our armoured glass has 2x better damage resistance to daily scratches and accidental damage than competit or glass, and much greater resistance than competitior plastic screens. Our screen remains brilliantly clear, where plastic marks and fades, leaving the iPad® obscured.

 Screen Sensitivity:

Screen sensitivity remains high, even when used with surgical gloves.

Secure Kensington Lock:

Lock your iBioShield™ 10X Case to an immovable object with the integrated 316 Stainless Steel Kensington Lock. Fits all standard Kensingt on branded locks.


No loss of 4G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity

Smart Charging:

Option to charge via standard Apple Lightning Cable or our 8-Pin inductive Smart Adaptor, for safe bank charging with Ground Control compatibility.

Camera Lens:

Our glass lens maintains brilliant, clear, unobscured vision from both front and rear cameras.