Medical product innovators, FutureNova, have recently launched their medical grade iPad case, the FlipPad™, to help protect medical practitioners and patients from the risk of healthcare associated infections (HCAI) such as Norovirus and C-Difficile.

This comes at a time when the NHS is looking to cut costs, improve patient care and embrace mobile technology. Approximately 300,000 patients are affected by HCAI every year with an estimated cost to the NHS of £1 billion. The government are requiring the NHS to find £22bn of efficiency savings over the next five years.
“As the NHS introduces new technology into clinical settings to improve care, there is a real risk for infections to be passed between patients, staff and visitors. With this in mind, we created the FlipPad™ where every aspect of the product has been chosen to ensure it can be easily and safely cleaned with standard infection control sprays to reach the highest hygiene standards. Our team is focused on innovating quality products to support the NHS with patient safety initiatives.”

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